Steps to Take When Buying a Business

Many entrepreneurs these days are lower the risks of starting a brick and mortar business by purchasing business already existing. This eliminates the need to purchase all the initial equipment, furniture, and technology when starting a brand new business. The concept has proven to work, the brand is known in the neighborhood, and staff are already trained.

The customer base is established and there is no waiting for several months for a cash flow to begin. In addition to those advantages, the new owner can begin to make improvements right away. An existing business will cost more than commercial property, but it is also worth a lot more.

What Type of Business?

Decide what type of business captures interests and coincides with personal education, experiences, and future plans. A trained mechanic, for example, will not be successful operating a grocery or retail store. A repair shop, parts store, maintenance services franchise, or automotive dealership makes more sense.

Selecting something different than jobs in the past will work if the business reflects a hobby or special talent. A small bakery may be ideal for the accountant who has always loved to bake and can be creative with recipes. It will be a major investment so be sure the business will not get mundane too quickly.

Which Professional to Hire?

Individuals or small companies seeking one or two businesses to buy can save money by hiring business brokers. Simple valuations, matching up buyers and sellers, and researching the history of the business (known as due diligence) are well within their purview. Commissions vary, but are typically ten percent of the purchase price. These professionals are limited to local and regional sales so find business brokers San Antonio if planning to operate your new business in that area.

Merger and acquisition (M&A) advisors are required for complicated business transactions, multiple sales at one time, and national or international purchases. The services cost more than a broker, but there are many more services within their scope. Financial arrangements, outsourcing options, and strategies for long-term investing are among the additional services at which advisors are proficient.


Finding a business for sale that suits the desires and budgets of potential owners may not be easy. The process does take time when completed correctly and thoroughly. No buyer will go from looking to operating in a short period of time.


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